ServiceNow Administration Training


Configure and Manage a ServiceNow Instance by ServiceNow Admin Training


During this interactive training course attendees will perform system administration and Development functions in their own instance; a safe sandbox.
Our ServiceNow Admin Training is specially designed to get experts in the Servicenow admin.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for new ServiceNow System Administrators or Developers– 0-3 months into a new deployment.

Prerequisites For ServiceNow Admin Training


Modules for ServiceNow Admin Training:

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 1 ServiceNow User Interface

Objectives :
Explore the UI, Application Navigator, Mobile Interface, Plugins, and Branding Options. Work with Lists, Filters, Forms, and Search Capabilities.
1. UI Essentials Lab: Configure Navigation, UI, Search, and Branding options.
2. Configuration Essentials Lab: Manage and Configure Incident, Problem, and Change Lists, and Forms, then Create and Apply Filters.

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 2 User Administration

Configure User Accounts, Groups, and Roles.
1. User Administration Lab: Add Users, add new Group Automatically Associated with New User Record, Assign Roles to a Group, Add Users to new Groups, Create and Test New Assignment Rule.

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 3 Data Management

Objectives: Discuss ServiceNow Data Structures: Databases, Tables, and Records, Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps, then add Configuration Items (CIs) to the CMDB.
1. Tables Lab: Create new Tables, Applications and Modules.
2. Import Sets Lab: Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps.
3. CMDB Lab: Add and Map Configuration Items (Cis)

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 4 Service Automation Platform

Objectives: Work with key ServiceNow Platform Applications and Functionality: Knowledge Management, Service Catalog, Workflows, SLAs, and Reporting Tools.
1. Knowledge Management Lab: Create and Attach Knowledge Base Articles.
2. Service Catalog Lab: Create Service Catalog Items, Variables, and Create a Service Catalog Order Guide.
3. Workflows Lab: Modify and Test Workflow and Approvals
4. SLAs Lab: Define an SLA for Catalog Requests
5. Reports Lab: Explore the Reporting Application to review Report Types, work with Gauges and Homepages, and create a report from a list

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 5 Core Application Administration and development

Objectives: Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts, Configure Application Security, Work with Events and Notifications.
1. Policies and Interaction Lab: Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts.
2. Application Security Lab: Provide Application and Module Access for a specified role, Create an Access Control Rule to allow record Read Access, Create an Access Control Rule to restrict column Read Access.
3. Notifications Lab: Observe a Business Rule and Registry associated with a P1 Change Event, Create a Notification based upon a Business Rule, Configure and send an email notification, Create an SMS notification

Servicenow Admin Training - Module 6 Ongoing Maintenance

Objectives: Create and Apply Update Sets, learn about the Upgrade Process and Release Cycle, Record Baseline Performance Statistics and Use Social IT Capabilities.
1. Update Sets Lab: Create then Retrieve an Update Set.
2. Upgrades, Performance and Troubleshooting Lab: Confirm Release and Upgrade Status, Edit New Build Notifications, Review Baseline Statistics.
3. Social IT Lab: Configure Live Feed to Automatically Post High Priority Incidents Capstone Case Study.
The Training will be as per content provided above for ServiceNow admin Training

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Duration : 12 Hours

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