ServiceNow Service Mapping Training


Discover and model business services to manage service health with ServiceNow Service Mapping Training

Prerequisites for ServiceNow Service Mapping Training

System Administrator Required
Experience configuring monitoring and discovery tools and working knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows servers is highly recommended
A fundamental knowledge of networking including TCP/IP ports and firewalls, network protocols, IP networks, subnetting, and network devices for ServiceNow Service Mapping Training.

ServiceNow Service Mapping Training Course Summary

ServiceNow Service Mapping Training, Learn how to discover and model business services to manage service health, determine the business impact of infrastructure problems, simplify the root cause analysis of service issues, and minimize the service impact of infrastructure changes.

During this ServiceNow Service Mapping Training course, attendees will gain in depth knowledge and practice in configuring and using ServiceNow Service Mapping. A combination of course content and lab work will help attendees learn to:

• Gain a clear understanding of the ServiceNow Service Mapping solution and its capabilities and how it differs from the ServiceNow Discovery solution
• Learn the concepts and value of ServiceNow Service Mapping top down discovery that allows ServiceNow administrators to model an entire business service by providing a single entry point to the service such as a web URL or host address and port
• Install and configure MID Servers
• Navigate the Service Mapping user interface
• Configure Service Mapping credentials
• Configure Service Mapping to discover and model a business service from a top down approach including all the applications, network devices, and servers that support it
• Gain in depth knowledge on how to configure Service Mapping patterns that allows administrators to model proprietary applications and connections unknown to ServiceNow Service Mapping
• Work with the Identification and Reconciliation application to understand how inserts and updates are performed to configuration items in the CMDB
• Gain understanding of how Service Mapping works with ServiceNow Event Management to provide visibility into service outages
• Learn common troubleshooting techniques with ServiceNow Service Mapping Training


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Duration : 15 Hours

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